Setting speed limits in Victoria

The Department of Transport’s (DoT’s) Speed Zoning Technical Guidelines is the primary source of technical guidance for the determination of speed zones in Victoria. The guideline is based on the principles set out in DoT’s Speed Zoning Policy and have been written to cover a wide variety of situations and factors as every location has its unique characteristics. Engineering judgement, guided by these principles, must be applied to decide upon an appropriate speed limit, based on site specific, local and route factors.


VLimits is to be used as a secondary tool (the Speed Zoning Technical Guidelines being the primary) in the determination of speed limits. It is only a tool to facilitate the implementation of the principles and general rules outlined in the abovementioned documents. The output from VLimits is an initial or suggested speed limit based on a range of inputs. Adjustments to the suggested speed limit will generally need to be made to reflect local issues and conditions, including consideration of lower speed limits in pedestrian activity areas.

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